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Two days after its release, the album was certified gold in Mexico, after 30,000 copies sold.

She recorded a soundtrack for the show, and received her first Latin Grammy nomination for her work on the soundtrack.Magician Criss also shared the video, in a slightly extended form, on his Instagram account with the message "look at how I scared the Latin star Belinda is in my new special #TRICKD that will be broadcast in October." He also wrote: "This is Belinda, she is one of the most popular Latin pop stars.She has just been in my show, and I am wondering if at some stage she might be able to do the apple trick for me." He said he would also then try to do the same using his head, although he would probably more likely try and use the power of thought rather than physical force.A SINGER has posted images of a remarkable magic stunt performed by magician Criss Angel which saw her levitated into the air.Belinda Peregrin Schuell, known to her fans as Belinda, posted the footage on social media to share with her followers.

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    He was fined £580 and ordered to pay £100 compensation.