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Mammalian hair is present in all mammals at some point in their development.Hair has several functions, including insulation, color patterning, and aiding in the sense of touch.It may serve to camouflage predators or prey, to warn predators of a defensive mechanism (for example, the conspicuous color pattern of a skunk is a warning to predators), or to communicate social information (for example, threats, such as the erect hair on the back of a wolf; sex, such as the different colors of male and female capuchin monkeys; or the presence of danger, such as the white underside of the tail of a white-tailed deer).

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One group (bats) have even evolved powered flight, which represents only the third time that this ability has evolved in vertebrates (the other two groups being birds and extinct Pterosaurs).To make these easier to comprehend within the accounts of lower mammalian taxa, we provide links to dorsal, ventral, and lateral views of the skull of a dog on which the major bones, foramina, and processes have been labelled.Closeups of the basicranial region, orbital region, and lingual and labial views of a mandible are also available. Systematists do not yet agree on the exact number or on how some orders and families are related to others.The Animal Diversity Web generally follows the arrangement used by Wilson and Reeder (2005).

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    For example, by using a laser, researchers can measure parent and daughter atoms in extremely small amounts of matter, making it possible to determine the age of very small samples [source: New Scientist].

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