Updating server 2016 core

Would that create too much overhead on the MS teams to support stuff at the SP/OS level that we may break with farm level customization?

We don’t have any plans today for Paa S – for Iaa S and even traditional on-premises scenarios we’re simplifying patch management with 0 downtime and deployment with early investments such as Min Role that will ease the management burden.

We’ll support uni-directional sync via AD sync in-product in addition to external MIM for bi-directional sync scenarios.

Effectively we’ve removed the embedded version of FIM and done work to more closely integrate with an external instance.

And to tie into that will you provide a Single server image that will be needed to test that the baseline functionality will be unaffected.

Essentially giving a “pre-Cloud” test bed for companies with Masses of data 10TB To add, the cloud should be viewed as a migration whereas on-premises, an upgrade.

Do we have x Next which would be similar as app script parts pattern (more responsive), rather than iframe based app parts?

from SAP) to enrich user profiles – how would I go about that in this new cloudy world?

For Share Point 2016 we’ve removed the integrated FIM implementation.

We’ll continue to invest in broader availability of endpoints to support search scenarios, particularly connectors, and deliver on the connectors we already ship.

In addition we’re shipping some new APIs to support surfacing external sources in Delve (as demonstrated at \build) and have a number of partners in our search TAP program that are actively building connectors using some of our new search experiences and endpoints.

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