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They looked for a diversion and considered how they could start ‘a small race war’ in Moss Side, the area where Manchester’s immigrant community was concentrated.‘We had no political or racial motive,’ Brady told me.

‘It was simply an existential challenge.’ They did extensive research on this and on another possible project — derailing an express train.

Without knowing it, Smith once stood on the grave of 12-year-old John Kilbride, Brady and Hindley’s second victim.

At night they drank heavily and Brady talked to Smith about carrying out armed robberies.

One had a well in the cellar.’Clearly they believed they could go on killing for as long as they pleased.

That they were stopped after the next murder was down to something Brady had never allowed for — his own carelessness.

Brady was always spoiling for a fight and carried a knife with him at all times.

He loved to walk around with a revolver under his waistcoat and became obsessed with firearms.

He liked to wake up in the mornings and see his Smith & Wesson .38 lying on the table beside him, ‘glinting in the sunshine’, as he recalled.

Brady had long had a hankering to bring them into their activities, not least because he fancied Maureen‘Power, once attained, becomes a curiously empty experience,’ Brady told me.

He was so restless he thought of leaving Hindley and twice packed a bag to do so, but she begged him to stay.

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