Filipino women dating hawaii

Enraged, he then began proceedings to have them arrested for adultery.David said: "I rushed out in November with all my savings to be with Cynthia for the last part of her pregnancy.After fathering a child with Cynthia Delfino, whose separation from her estranged husband was not complete, the 35-year-old became an unwitting victim of the Philippines' harsh legal system.

Scroll down for more..."We had a wonderful time in the mountains of Luzon near an extinct volcano at a place called Laguna, but after six weeks I had to rush home when I heard my father was dying."I have done nothing wrong and yet I have found myself in this horrendous situation.I am begging the British Government to help."David's ordeal began when Cynthia became pregnant with his child before she had officially separated.If they are jailed, he will be the one bringing up their baby daughter, a prospect David says breaks his heart.Now only cash, which David and Cynthia do not have, or diplomatic pressure, can save them from jail. "Cynthia, a psychology graduate from Manila's Colegio de San Juan de Letran, met David over the internet in November 2006.

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