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Idle gossip is beneath you, but you need to curb your jealous tendencies if you want to be with a Horse.

Face it, Horse are there with you, but not all the time, Horse gotta do things - the Snake knows this, and will not be passionate for long. The snake is charming and seductive then calm and reserved as if he's not interested.

Horse is in love with love and this can end with the Horse feeling VERY disappoint as she gives up her freedom for this sexy creature that is not in tune with you. If it does last, SUPER compatible sun signs( like Libra/Gemini, Leo/Aries, Libra/Libra, Taurus/Virgo) no doubt. I have never been in a relationhip with a Snake, but I have found a Pisces Snake that I am very attracted to. A possible promising relationship hovers over us, but I have to say that this assessment is accurate.

I don't gossip as it is a pet peeve, at least not maliciously, most times I'm just curious to know or if the information will help develop my character creation as I am a writer.

You cultivate sophistication in every area of your life.

Just as imitations are beneath you when it comes to material things, you dislike phoniness in a partner, as well.

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