Black executive dating

My dating life has to work around my business life.I’d need for a potential beau to understand the blood, sweat and tears I put into my business and want me to prosper throughout our relationship.” Williams is not alone in the high hours she puts into her business.Dating takes a little effort and creative use of time. It’s just complicated, said brand executive Aniesia Williams.“I’m a flourishing entrepreneur who travels a lot and puts more than 40 hours into my work schedule.I try not to go more than a couple of weeks without having some ‘grownup’ time.I literally schedule it like I schedule meetings.” And while Laird makes the time, it can be a struggle to find men who understand her busy calendar.

“Guys have to deal with a female exec whose phone is constantly ringing, who’s preoccupied with emails and deadlines and who’s planning projects ahead of time.

“You have to understand that this woman is built differently.

She is a go-getter, a time-keeper, with an idea of making a foundation for betterment of her and her family.” Once in a relationship with a women in this lane, men also have to step up their game, he said.

“To keep the life in the relationship you have to be creative. She is always running a clock so you have to think of ways to take that clock and make it yours.

Send little text messages or small gifts at the office, maybe a card that says ‘Good Morning.’ Simple things will help to bring down that business clock.” Another consideration for the female executive is kids, which makes dating even harder.

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